Size 4

Patterns available in a size 4:

Adrianne’s Reverse-A-Vest (Sew Beautiful, summer 1997)

Antique Collar Dress, sizes 3m-10y (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1988)

Ashley’s party dress (Sew Beautiful, Easter 1992)

Between Friends, by Louise Spriggs (AS&E # 86) Skirt pattern available in sizes 4, 6, and 8 years.

Blue Heaven, AS&E #79

Cara’s holiday dress (Sew Beautiful, Sept 1994)

Cavanaugh (Sew Beautiful 68)

Criss-Cross Yoke Boy Suit – Wendy’s Embroidery Club, 5-2

Dandelion Delight (Sew Beautiful, Easter 1998)

Daniel and Emily’s Knickers, sizes 2-6 (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1990)

Drawstring Bishop Pinafore Dress (Sew Beautiful 71)

Dress for all Seasons (Sew Beautiful, Fall 1992)

Elle’s Antique Dress (Sew Beautiful, Nov 1994)

Embroidered Jumper – Wendy’s Embroidery Club, 6-2

Flower Child, by Marian Sitko (AS&E # 86) Dress pattern available in sizes 4, 5, and 6.

Grace’s Easter Dress, sizes 2-12 (Sew Beautiful, Winter 1991)

Italian Hemstitched Playsuit/Dress – Wendy’s Embroidery Club, 5-6

Judith Dobson’s Holiday Dress, sizes 4-12 (Sew Beautiful, Holiday 1991)

Judith Dobson’s Tea Dress (Sew Beautiful, January 1989)

Kris Kringle Celtic Collar dress (Sew Beautiful, holiday 1996)

Laura Catherine (SB Summer 1991)

Little Princess dress (Sew Beautiful Spring 1998)

Organdy Shadow Bows (Sew Beautiful Easter 1997)

Pansies for Paige (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1996)

Perfect Party Pinafore (Sew Beautiful Holiday 1997)

Rachel’s Angel Dress (SB Spring 1993)

Seaside Sailor Suit (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1996)

The Secret Garden, by Denise Bakes (AS&E # 86) Dress pattern available in sizes 3, 4, and 5 years.

Sherry Ann’s Sailor Dress Pattern, sizes 2-14 (Sew Beautiful, Fall 1989)

Sprinkle of Roses dress and overjacket (Sew Beautiful, Special Occasions 1997)

Strawberry Wrap Dress – Wendy’s Embroidery Club, 4-1

Susan (dress and collar), sizes 2-6 (Sew Beautiful, Fall 1992)

Tabbed Yoke Dress – Wendy’s Embroidery Club, 5-3

Triangular Puffing Bishop (Sew Beautiful, Easter 2003)

Vintage Velvet Dress (SB 133)


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