AS&E Issues

Australian Smocking and Embroidery (AS&E) was an Australian magazine published 4 times per year, with about 8-10 smocking patterns.  The patterns were usually lovely, but the very best part was that each design included the pattern for the dress in a limited size run.  I only began purchasing them when my oldest was a baby, so I only have the past 5 years worth of issues, in addition to a small handful sent by a lovely fan of the index.


Issue 39


Issue 42


Issue 46


Issue 75


Issue 81


Other Publications



  1. Cheryl said

    Hiya, Love your index, most useful! Well done for such hard work. I have a selection of older issues of AS&E between Issue 26 and 56 (double of some, all with patterns and in good condition) I shall be coming over to US (fom Australia)visiting family in Colorado in October for 2 weeks. If you are interested in some of these issues let me know before Oct 7th. All I ask is postage in US to be covered and a small donation to our smocking group Wee Care project.

    • Megan said

      Wow, that is so generous! Thank you so much. I am very much interested. Would you like a monetary donation to your Wee Care project, or for me to make a few gowns?

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