Sew Beautiful (issue 121)

Sweet Slumber Crib Set (pg 10)

Old Fashioned Baby Daygown (pg 12)

Little Prince Layette (pg 18)

Angels Watching Over Me (pg 20)

Angels Watching Over Me, by Janet Gilbert (Sew Beautiful, Issue 121, 2008)

Rachel (pg 24)

Rachel, by Linda Richards (Sew Beautiful, Issue 121, 2008)

Designer Details (pg 26)

Rock-a-Bye Pony (pg 29)

Rocking Horse Diaper Set (pg 34)

Bows and Buds Daygown (pg 38)

Baby’s First Bible (pg 44)

Dressing Baby (pg 48)

Cuddly Coat and Cap (pg 52)

Celebrations and Ceremonies (pg 56) – Pictoral of  heirloom christening gowns

French Continental Bib (pg 62) – Pictoral of childrens clothing from the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood

Vintage T-Yoke Christening Gown (pg 64)

Preserving a Memory (pg 72)


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