Creative Needle (February 2008)

Quick Stitch: Baby’s 1st Easter Pillow (pg 10)

A Basic Guide to Color and Embroidery: Isabel ans Madeline (pg 16)

Isabel/Madeline, by Trudy Horne. Creative Needle, February 2008.

Sail Away (pg 24)

Sail Away, by Michie Mooney. Creative Needle, February 2008.

A Town and Country Easter (pg 28) – Pictoral of Easter clothes

Smocked Easter Egg (pg 53)

Heirloom Legacy: Evelyn (pg 58)

Evelyn, by Carol Harris. Creative Needle, February 2008

Yummy Bunnies (pg 64)

Yummy Bunnies, by Dana Branch. Creative Needle, February 2008

Sewing for Baby: Somebunny Loves Me (pg 68)

Somebunny Loves Me, by Mary Willingham. Creative Needle, February 2008.

Emily Katherine (pg 73)

Emily Catherine, by Creative Needle. February, 2008

Katlin Riley (pg 75)

Katlin Riley, by Anna Marie Phelps. Creative Needle, February 2008.

Shadowwork Bunny Collar (pg 76)


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