Sew Beautiful (issue 116)

Oh Baby (pg 12) – Pictoral of clothing from Old Fashioned Baby patterns

Aaron’s Christening Suit (pg 20) – Free pattern and smocking plate

Aaron's Romper, by Amelia Johanson (Sew Beautiful, Issue 118, 2008)

Two of Hearts (pg 28)

Hearts and Flowers (pg 30)

Hearts and Flowers, by Linda Richards (Sew Beautiful, Issue 118, 2008)

Sweet Heart Jacket (pg 34)

Art Deco Flowers (pg 39)

Posies for Penny (pg 42)

Posies for Penny, by Renee Spell (Sew Beautiful, Issue 118, 2008)

A Garment of Glory (pg 46)

Morgan’s Prom Gown (pg 50)

Crystal Rosebuds (pg 55)

Designer Profile: Kelly Chaffin (pg 60)

Princess Brides (pg 64)

In My Sewing Room (pg 72) – Hints for bias bindings

Taming the Wild (pg 76)

Sassy Sweaters (pg 80)


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