Sew Beautiful (issue 113)

Snail Shirring (pg 12)

Overall, A Cute Idea! (pg 20)

Turtle Pond (pg 24)

Turtle Pond, by Kathryn Barton (Sew Beautiful, Issue 113, 2007)

Sensational Sunsuits (pg 28)

The Strawberry patch (pg 32)

The Strawberry Patch (Sew Beautiful, Issue 113, 2007)

Pat’s Party (pg 34) – Pictoral of heirloom clothing using Pat Garretson’s designs.

Gingham Presents (pg 36)

Gingham Presents (Sew Beautiful, Issue 113, 2007)

Venice (pg 38)

Venice, by Karen Faylor (Sew Beautiful, Issue 113, 2007)

Baby Katie’s Sun Bib (pg 40)

Construction Boo-Boos (pg 43) – Dressmaker’s Hem, Ironing puffed sleeves

Teaching a Tradition II (pg 44) – Pictoral of heirloom children’s clothing

Dainty Designs: Blue and White for Carolyn and Cole (pg 50)

A Simple Summer Slip Dress (pg 54)

Circus Star (pg 58)

Isabella (pg 62)

An Introduction to the Fine Art of Needle Painting (pg 66)

A Twist of Lime (pg 70)

Posh Puffing (pg 74)

The Salvaged Lace Top (pg 80)


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