Sew Beautiful (issue 102)

Schoolhouse Favorites pictoral of fall clothes (pg 14)

Scallops and Daisies (pg 18)

Scallops and Daisies, by Stacey Moeller (Sew Beautiful Issue 102, 2005)

Gavin’s Geckos (pg 20)

Gavin's Gekkos, by Theresa Ellenwood (Sew Beautiful Issue 102, 2005)

Sewing with Fabulous Vintage Fabrics (pg 22)

Prep School Perfect (pg 28)

Autumn Heirloom (g 36)

All About Buttons (pg 42)

Designer Details (pg 45)

The Hidden Button (pg 48)

Sewing for the Old-Fashioned Baby (pg 50)

Hunter Michael (pg 54)

Beginning Heirloom Sewing by Machine: Baby Quilt (pg 64)

Sue Says (pg 68) – double piping

Vintage chic petticoat skirt (pg 70)

Embroidered Retro Tunic (pg 74)

Designer Suit Series: Double Diamonds (pg 78)


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