Sew Beautiful (Issue 101)

Sensational Smocking pictoral (pg 12)

Palmeto Trees and Crescent Moon (pg 14)

Palmetto Trees and Crescent Moon, by Francess Messina Jones (Sew Beautiful, Issue 101, 2005)

Breezy Summer Apron and Bloomers (pg 16)

Sail Away (pg 24)

Sail Away, by Linda Richards (Sew Beautiful Issue 101, 2005)

Nautical Mates + Ten Ways to Improve Your Applique (pg 28)

Fantasy Fish (pg 34)

Fantasy Fish, by Amelia Johanson (Sew Beautiful, Issue 101, 2005)

A Vintage swimsuit for baby Ellis (pg 38)

Placemat Purses (pg 42)

Beginning Heirloom Sewing by Machine Baby Quilt: Part IV (pg 44)

Sewing for the Old Fashioned Baby (pg 49)

Princess of the Sea (pg 54)

Designer Details (pg 60)

A Summer Twist on Swiss (pg 64)

Designer Suit Series: Lace Tape Shapes (pf 70)

Heirloom Gallery (pg 76)


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