Sew Beautiful (issue 99)

Heirloom Gallery (pg 12)

Butterfly a Flutter (pg 18)

Butterfly Flutter, by Lillie McAnge (Sew Beautiful, Issue 99, 2005)

Embroidered Edging Ruffles (pg 22)

Baby’s Hankie Blanket (pg 30)

Baby’s Tea Towel Saque and Bonnet Set (pg 34)

Embroidered Collars in the hoop (pg 38)

Rebekah Jane’s Party Dress (pg 40)

Designer Suit Series: Flirty Flounces (pg 50)

Pretty in Peach (pg 54)

Beginning Heirloom Sewing by Machine baby quilt, Part II (pg 58)

Gentle Jonah, Joan, and Jane (pg 64)

Gentle Jonah, Joan and Jane, by Carolyn Sheron (Sew Beautiful, Issue 99, 2005)

Creative Combinations (pg 72)

Sundae Delight (pg 76)

Sundae Delight, by Carol Howard (Sew Beautiful, Issue 99, 2005)

Sun, Sand, and Sewing (pg 78) – pictoral from the SAGA chapter of Emerald Coast, Florida

Blue Angels, by Stacey Moeller (Sew Beautiful, Issue 99, 2005)


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