Sew Beautiful (issue 71)

Shamrock Fair (pg 24)

Dance Recital (pg 28)

Bound for Style (pg 30)

Little Gentleman (pg 34)

Wesley’s Blessing Romper (pg 36)

Chocolate Silk (pg 42)

All Set for School (pg 44)

Noah’s Ark Nursery Quilt (pg 48)

Spruced Up For School (pg 54)

Tea Rose Tunic (pg 56)

Sew Fast, Faster, Fastest: Facing Alternatives (pg 60)

A Demure Duet (pg 62)

Unique Patterns (pg 68)

Autumn Leaves (pg 71)

Power Sewing (pg 72)

Catherine’s Smocked SHirts (pg 74)

Lavender and Lace (pg 78)

Patti’s Pumpkin Patch (pg 82)

Heart’s Delight (pg 88)

Glorious Rose (pg 90)

Private Collection (pg 94)

Drawstring Bishop Pinafore Dress (pg 96)

Corded Hemstitched Collar (pg 100)

Give Us This Day (pg 102)

Teatime in Red (pg 106)

Grape Wreath Placemat (pg 111)


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