Sew Beautiful (issue 68)

Elyssa’s Flower Girl Dress (pg 26)

Years and Counting (pg 30)

Sunday in the South (pg 32)

Elegant Rose for Ardith (pg 38)

Rippling Ribbons (pg 40)

Elements of Easter (pg 46)

Jacob’s Ladder (pg 50)

Cavanaugh (pg 54)

Blue Diamonds (pg 62)

Emma’s Easter Dress (pg 64)

Suited for Spring (pg 66)

Martha’s UnWrap Skirt (pg 70)

Sew Fast, Faster, Fastest: Bindings (pg 72)

Lafred Designs (pg 74)

Spring Garden Jacket (pg 78)

A Perfect COmbination (pg 79)

Tucked Heirloom Blouse (pg 82)

Power Sewing: Cold Weather Coats (pg 88)

Joyous Teardrops (pg 90)

Butterfly in Cutwork (pg 94)

Blue Crane (pg 98)

Fleur de Bears (pg 102)

Budding Beauties (pg 104)

Smocked With Love (pg 108)

Huggable Flannel Bunnies (pg 111)

A Tender Moment (pg 112)

Lace Garden (pg 120)

Ribbon Roses (pg 124)

Inspired by Elegance (pg 126)

Flower Power (pg 128)


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