Sew Beautiful (volume eleven, number two)

A Moment in Memphis (pg 22)

An Enchanting Cherub (28)

An Enchanting Cherub, by Sidney Horton (Sew Beautiful, Special Occasions 1997)

Ribbons and Roses (pg 32)

Ribbons and Roses, by Susan Schock (Sew Beautiful, Special Occasions 1997)

Petite Petals (pg 35)

Petite Petals, by Aimee Schultheis and Alva Winston (Sew Beautiful, Special Occasions 1997)

Serenity for Christina Marie (pg 38)

Serenity for Christina Marie, by Dianne Fay Dickinson (Sew Beautiful, Special Occasions 1997)

A Bed of Roses (pg 40)

Wrapped in Roses (pg 44)

Rings of Love (pg 48)

Blessings of Beauty (pg 54)

A Sprinkle of Roses (pg 60)

Buds and Blue Shadows (pg 66)

Lucy (pg 72)

Sarah Jane’s Bonnet (pg 77)

Grandmother’s Glory (pg 80)

The Magical World of Dolls (pg 82)

Bridal Betty (pg 86)

A Path of Roses (pg 92)

Victorian Bride (pg 94)


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