Sew Beautiful (volume 10, number 2)

Garments of Grandeur (pg 22)

A Coat of Many Seasons (pg 28)

A Coat of Many Seasons, by Kathy Harrison (Sew Beautiful, Special Occasions 1996)

Amy’s Garden (pg 30)

Amy's Garden, by Kathy Fottrell (Sew Beautiful, Special Occasions 1996)

Diamonds for Jane (pg 32)

Diamonds for Jane, by Kay Nickell (Sew Beautiful, Special Occasions 1996)

Beaded Bishop Blouse (pg 34)

Beaded Bishop Blouse, by Patricia Holden (Sew Beautiful, Special Occasions 1996)

Silk Ribbon Embroidery by Machine (pg 36)

Prom Perfect Silk Ribbon (pg 38)

Sonnier’s Sentimentals (pg 41)

Tyler’s Angelic Christening Gown (pg 44)

Our Sunday Best (pg 48)

Snips (pg 54)

Love and Stitches for Three (pg 57)

Whimsical Whitework (pg 60)

Amber’s Alphabet Dress (pg 64)

Bridal Trinket Box and Something Blue garter (pg 74)

Roses from my Heart (pg 76)

A Blushing Gown for a Blessed Bride (pg 78)

Linen Legacy (pg 82)

A Cinderella Wedding (pg 85)

Affordable Heirlooms (pg 88)

Antique Impressions (pg 92)

Trousseau Treasure (pg 94)

Ask Margaret Boyles (pg 98)


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