Creative Needle (May/June 1997)

Sewing for Dolls: Miniature Silk Ribbons (pg 18)

A Basic Guide to Color and Embroidery (pg 21)

The Old Fashioned Baby (pg 26) – Jeannie Downs Baumeister article about creating a layette book.

Home Sweet Home (pg 28) – Pictoral of country girls clothes

Silk Ribbon Victorian Collar (pg 33)

Country Ginghams (pg 51) – pictoral of smocking designs on gingham

Carousel (pg 56) – pictoral of girls dresses

Smocking Essentials (pg 58) – Lesson 8 of smocking primer

Yo-Yo Vest (pg 60) – making yo-yos by machine

Heirloom Quilting (pg 65)

Seed Packets (pg 68)

Easy as Pie (pg 70)

Color block cmocking (pg 72)

Book reviews (pg 84) – Affordable Heirlooms, by Edna Powers and Gaye Kriegel.  Small Scale Quiltmaking, by Sally Collins


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