Sew Beautiful (volume ten, number four)

Renaissance Fantasy (pg 22)

Fluttering Friends (pg 31)

Maypole Maidens (pg 34)

Storybook Castles (pg 36)

Renaissance Rose (pg 38)

Exploring the Elements of Design (pg 42)

Sewing Seeds (pg 44)

Camelot (pg 46)

Silk Ribbons to Dye For (pg 50)

Birmingham Blossoms (pg 56)

Suzanne’s Flutterbee Dress (pg 62)

The Great Heirloom Rescue (pg 66)

Misty’s Madeira Masterpiece (pg 70)

Visions of Romance (pg 76)

Symmetry Software (pg 82)

Sew Cool Fashions (pg 86)

Promising Young Designers (pg 90)

True Blue Denim and Damask Vest (pg 92)

Dressing Up Ready to Wear (pg 94)


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