Sew Beautiful (volume nine number six)

Rocky Top Fall (pg 22)

A Little Squirrely (pg 24)

Elementary My Dear (pg 28)

Elementary, My Dear, by Cyndi Hollard (Sew Beautiful, Fall 1996)

Pumpkins for Lorabeth (pg 30)

Pumpkins for Lorabeth, by Sidney Horton (Sew Beautiful, Fall 1996)

Recess (pg 32)

Recess, by Chris DeMars Victorsen (Sew Beautiful, Fall 1996)

The Little Red Schoolhouse (pg 34)

Erica's Little Red Schoolhouse (Sew Beautiful, Fall 1996)

Not Enough Diddle (pg 36)

Not Enough Diddle (Sew Beautiful, Fall 1996)

New Crayongs (pg 38)

New Crayons for School (Sew Beautiful, Fall 1996)

Fall Floral Foursom (pg 40)

Autumn’s Apparel Preview (pg 44)

All the CHildren of the World (pg  50)

Silk Ribbon Salutations (pg 52)

Woven with Love (pg 54)

Ask Margaret (pg 59)

A “classy” jumper (pg 60)

Love and Stitches: Sewing for Three (pg 62)

Justin’s Black Cats (pg 66)

Back to School on the Range (pg 67)

Hailey’s Hayride (pg 70)

Mixed Media (pg 72)

The Taming of the Tartan (pg 76)

Patchwork Picture Collar (pg 79)

The All-in-one transitional Blouse (pg 82)

Old Town Autumn (pg 86)

Suited for Fall (pg 90)

Laura’s Closet (pg 94)

New Rags from Old Riches (pg 96)


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