Sew Beautiful (volume nine number five)

Southern Sand Castle (pg 22)

Southern Sand Castle, by Lisa Kister (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1996)

Guided by the Light (pg 24)

Guided by the Light, by Kathy Harrison (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1996)

Sea Treasures (pg 26)

Sea Treasures, by Aimee Schultheis and Alva Winston (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1996)

Reta’s Rose Garden (pg 29)

Reta's Rose Garden, by Robin Ruckey

Bikini Beach Babies (pg 30)

Smocking by Machine Doll Dress (pg 32)

Silk Ribbon Sailor Dress and Matching Doll (pg 34)

A South Carolina (pg 38)

Prairie PJs (pg 40)

Under the Sea (pg 42)

City By The Sea (pg 44)

Seashell Celtic Applique (pg 50)

A Family of Heirloom Collars (pg 52)

Summer Whites (pg 55)

Couture Touches (pg 58)

Seaside Sailor Bubble Free Pattern (pg 60)

Seaside Sailor Suit (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1996)

Set Sail with Love and Stitches (pg 64)

Sew Very Fast Shadow Applique (pg 67)

Gulfport Gallivanting (pg 70)

Accents on Linen (pg 78)

Sally Sells Sea Shells (pg 80)

Laura’s Closet (pg 82)

Seaside Sailor Bubble Free Pattern


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