Sew Beautiful (volume nine issue three)

A Stroll Through Arlington (pg 20)

Amanda’s Pearls (pg 28)

Amanda's Pearls, by Jena Lane Blair

Peace Offerings (pg 30)

Peace Offerings, by Kathy Harrison (Sew Beautiful, Easter 1996)

Ruffles of Iris (pg 32)

Ruffles of Iris, by Lisa Speegle Eldridge (Sew Beautiful, Easter 1996)

Laura Lorene and Caitlin (pg 34)

Laura Lorene & Caitlin, by Donna Marcum (Sew Beautiful, Easter 1996)

A Menage of Easter Elegance (pg 37)

Mimi’s Heart (pg 40)

Bashful Bunny (pg 42)

Baby’s Breath (pg 44)

Come Along with Mama (pg 46)

Busy Bunny (pg 48)

Ask Margaret Boyles (pg 49)

Easter on the Mountain (pg 50)

Susan’s Puffing and Lace Confection (pg 58)

Embellishing with Swiss Handlooms and Handkerchiefs (pg 62)

Chery Williams’ Wedding Ring Dress for Easter (pg 65)

A T Bonnet for Boys (pg 68)

Anastasia (pg 70)

Pin Pillow and Bell Pull (pg 74)

Love and Stitches Sewing for Three (pg 76)

Snips (pg 82)

Peek A Boo Ribbon and Lace (pg 88)

A Simple New Zealand Blouse (pg 90)

Chrysanthemum Cutwork Jacket (pg 92)

Prize Egg (pg 85)

Prize Egg, by Claudia Newton (Sew Beautiful, Easter 1996)

Modern Lines for Women (pg 86)


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