Sew Beautiful (volume five, number two)

Construction Boo-Boos (24)

Holiday Treasures (pg 26)

Little Starstringer (pg 35)

Perfect Bullion Roses (pg 36)

Velvet Stocking in a Jiffy (pg 40)

Family Christmas Cards (pg 43)

Mastering Mid-Row COlor Change (50)

Candy Cane and Bow Smocking Plate (50)

The Waterfall Dress (pg 52)

Snips: Velveteen Visions (pg 56)

Heirloom Tree Skirt (pg 58)

Teddy Bear Tea (pg 60)

Machine Embroidery Christmas Collars (pg 65)

Laura’s Magic Side Seam Skirt (pg 66)

Designer Profile: Sandy Bush of Cornerstone Designs (68)

Holiday Garland (pg 71)

A Christmas Celebration in CHicago (pg 72)

Jennifer’s Skates (pg 77)

Jennifer's Skates, by Jo Barley (Sew Beautiful, Holiday 1991)

Old Saint Nicholas (pg 79)

Kendal’s Quilted Collar (pg 80)

More Sweepstakes Entries (pg 82)

Signature Stitching (pg 84)

Chickadee Holiday Pinafore Bib (pg 85

Ask Margaret Boyles (pg 86)

Free Pattern: Judith Dobson’s Holiday Dress

Judith Dobson's Holiday Dress, sizes 4-12 (Sew Beautiful, Holiday 1991)


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