Sew Beautiful (volume five, number one)

Construction Boo-Boos (pg 24)

Back to Baylor (pg 26)

Fabulous POint de paris (pg 32)

Snips (pg 37)

Kent State’s Treasures (pg 40)

Welcome to the Kent State University Museum (pg 45)

Blooming Apples (pg 50)

Cherry Pie Embroidery (pg 51)

Placket in a Pleat (pg 52)

A String of Daisies Embroidery (pg 55)

Nifty Smocking Tips (pg 56)

Sweepstakes Entries (pg 59)

Create Your Own Duplicate Stitch (pg 62)

Collar Variations (pg 64)

Andrew’s Argyle (pg 66)

Andrew's Argyle, by Charlotte Couchman (Sew Beautiful, Fall 1991)

Victorian Pillow (pg 67)

Designer Profile: Julia Golson (pg 68)

Campfire Bears (pg 71)

Campfire Bears, by Rhonda Shumaker (Sew Beautiful, Fall 1991)

California Seam’n (pg 72)

Ask Margaret Boyles (pg 79)

Smocked Socks (pg 81)

Working with Lace Motifs (pg 82)

Duplicate Stitch from Designed Fabric (pg 86)

We’re Grrrrrreat! (pg 87)

We're Gr-r-r-r-reat!, by Oliver-Goodin (Sew Beautiful, Fall 1991)

Abby’s and Leah’s Sunday Best free pattern.  By Rhonda Smith.

Abby and Leah's Sunday Best, sizes 4-12 (Sew Beautiful, Fall 1991)


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