Sew Beautiful (volume four, number five)

Note: This volume is incorrectly listed in the masthead as volume four, number four.

Construction Boo-Boos (pg 24)

A Sew-lute to the Troops (pg 26)

Gathering Lace without Losing Gathers (pg 32)

Bias Opinion (pg 34)

Charlie, Bravo, Golf (pg 37)

Charlie, Bravo, Golf, by Rebecca W. Gordon. Sew Beautiful, Summer 1991

Round Yoke Variations (pf 38)

The Children of Summer (pg 40)

Floral Wreath Cross-stitch (pg 47)

Designer Profile (pg 48)

Signature Stitching (pg 51)

Orange You Sweet (pg 52)

Orange You Sweet, by Carol Watts (Sew Beautiful, Summer 1991)

On Sew-fari (pg 54)

Baby Blue (pg 61)

Know the Score Before You Smock (pg 62)

By the Bayou (pg 68)

Bunnykins Heirloom Baby Bib (pg 73)

Duplicate Stitch for All Ages (pg 74)

Snips (pg 76)

Honorra (pg 80)

Honnora, by Kay Guiles (Sew Beautiful, Summer 1991)

Fantasies and Flourishes (pg 82)

By the Sea (pg 84)

By the Sea, by Kay Johnson Guiles (Sew Beautiful, Summer 1991)

Ask Margaret Boyles (pg 85)

Jump(suits) for Joy (pg 86)

Laura Katherine free pattern

Laura Catherine (SB Summer 1991)


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