Sew Beautiful (volume four, number four)

Construction Boo-Boos (pg 23)

Discover COlumbus’ Style (pg 25)

Heart Chatelaine (pg 32)

Lace Tape (pg 34)

Morgan Rebekah (pg 37)

Morgan Rebekah, by Becky Lambert (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1991)

Postcards from Kentucky (pg 40)

Quilted Sewing Machine Cover (pg 45)

Sewing on a Budget (pg 46)

Shadow Diamonds (pg 48)

Birthday and Duplicate Stitch (pg 53)

Laura’s Ivy Leaf Dress (pg 54)

Prim Ribbon (pg 56)

California Bows (pg 69)

Fit for a Princess (pg 60)

Snips (pg 62)

It’s Spring in Uptown Charlotte (pg 64)

Celebrate the Winners (pg 70)

Ribbon Bouquet (pg 73)

Ribbon Bouquet, by Kathy Awender (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1991)

Designer Profile: A Little Shop Called Maggie Flood (pg 74)

Slipping into Simplicity (pg 78)

Ask Margaret Boyles (pg 80)

Nightgowns as Gift Ideas (pg 81)

Patchwork Heart (pg 82)

Tessa’s Tea Dress free pattern

Tessa's Tea Dress, sizes 4-14 (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1991)

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