Sew Beautiful (volume four, number two)

Construction Boo-Boos (pg 23)

Christmas in the Mountains (pg 25)

Santa of Yesteryear (pg 33)

Santa of Yesterday, by Sheila Stanley (Sew Beautiful, Holiday 1990)

Ask Margaret (pg 34)

Kid’s Korner (pg 35)

VIctorian Velvets (pg 37)

A Dress for All Seasons (pg 42)

“Hung by the Chimney with Care” (pg 44)

Holly Holiday Collar (pg 47)

Snips (pg 48)

It’s Bearly Christmas (pg 50)

Appliqued Christmas Cards (pg 56)

Holly Wreath (pg 59)

Sally's Holly Wreath, by Lucy Wilson (Sew Beautiful, Holiday 1990)

Silk Ribbon Embroidery (pg 62)

Christmas Gift Collar (pg 64)

A New French Wardrobe for 14″ Madame Alexander Dolls (pg 66)

Christmas Bunnykins (pg 70)

Holiday Trimmings (pg 72)

Counterchange Candy Canes (pg 79)

Counterchange candy canes, by Ann Hallay (Sew Beautiful, Holiday 1990)

Duplicate Stitch (pg 80)

European Elegance (pg 82)

Baby Casey (pg 86)

Free Pattern: Meredith’s Camisole and Pantaloons

Meredith's Camisole and Pantaloons, Sizes S, M, L (Sew Beautiful, Holiday 1990)


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