Sew Beautiful (volume four, number one)

Construction Boo-Boos (pg 22)

Cotton Pickin’ Tickin’ Time (pg 25)

Washday (pg 29)

Smocked Sweatshirts (pg 30)

Construction of a boy’s cuff (pg 33)

Stitching Up Self-Confidence (pg 35)

Mad About Plaid (pg 37)

Ask Margaret (pg 42)

Designer Profile (pg 43)

About “the” book (pg 46)

Back to School (pg 50)

Sewin’ in the Wild Wild West (pg 52)

Snips (pg 58)

Circlets of Flowers (pg 60)

Holiday Poinsettias (pg 61)

Notable Nurseries (pg 62)

Nursery Treasure (pg 67)

Baby Love (pg 68)

Jake’s Race Cars (pg 69)

Jake's Race by Glenna Reynolds (Sew Beautiful, Fall 1990)

Victorian Enchantment (pg 72)

Cross Stitch Collar (pg 78)

Old-Fashioned Birthday Party (pg 80)

Frightful Frocks (pg 83)

Curlie Corker Hair Bows (pg 84)

Back to Sewing School (pg 89)

90 Minute Diaper Bag (pg 98)

Carrie’s and Cassie’s Dress free pattern

Carrie and Cassie's Dress, sizes 4-14 (Sew Beautiful, Fall 1990)



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