Sew Beautiful (volume three, number five)

Construction Boo-Boos (pg 22)

Blocking a Collar (pg 36)

Indian Summer (pg 25)

Juggling Clown (pg 33)

Hawaiian Delights (pg 34)

Create, Mate! (pf 38)

Chris’ Summer Fun (pg 43)

Back to the Future (pg 44)

Snips (pg 46)

T-Shirt T-Rific (pg 48)

Pugs ‘N Boots (pg 53)

Machine Masterpiece (pg 54)

Monday’s Child (pg 56)

Southwestern Serenade (pg 61)

Stay-Tied Sash (pg 65)

Southern Summer (pg 68)

Maryanne’s Tropical Birds (pg 75)

The Most Beautiful Clothes in the World Sweepstakes (pg 76)

Stitch Game (pg 78)

French Hand Sewing by Machine, Book III (pg 85)

Ask Margaret (pg 91)

Friendship (pg 100)

Kittens for Laura (pg 103)

Abby’s Bikini free pattern


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