Sew Beautiful (volume three, number four)

Construction Boo Boos (pg 22)

Snips (pg 24)

The Garden Party (pg 26)

Bouquet of Bluebonnets (pg 34)

Bouquet of Bluebonnets, by Jody Nayak (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1990)

Organdy Insets (pg 35)

Bunches of Blossoms (pg 39)

Counterchange Smocking (pg 40)

Most Beautiful Clothes in the World (pg 43)

Do Rei Me (pg 51)

Do Re Mi, by Lynn Snyder (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1990)

Ribbons on Angel Sleeves (pg 54)

Mock Spoke Collar (pg 56)

Joanna At Sydney Harbor (pg 58)

Pretty in Pink (pg 61)

Pretty in Pink, by Kathy Awender (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1990)

Sailing with Louise (pg 62)

Watercolor Smocking (pg 63)

Katie’s Bouquet (pg 65)

Hopping into History (pg 66)

Bunnykins Embroidery on Silk (pg 68)

Signature Stitching (pg 69)

Mardi Gras (pg 78)

French Hand Sewing by Machine, Book III (pg 88)

Ask Margaret Boyles (pg 92)

Daniel and Emily’s Knickers free pattern

Daniel and Emily's Knickers, sizes 2-6 (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1990)


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