Sew Beautiful (volume three number three)

Construction Boo Boos (pg 22)

Snow Bears smocking plate (pg 27)

Snowbears, by Nancy Elliot Miller (Sew Beautiful, Winter 1990)

Heirloom Sewing Down Under (pg 28)

Gina’s Heaart (pg 33)

The Most Beautiful Clothes in the World (pg 34)

Ribbon Rosettes (pg 40)

Hoppy Easter (pg 43)

Hoppy Easter, by Chris Pearce (Sew Beautiful, Winter 1990)

Valentines Party (pg 44)

Designing Women (pg 52)

Painted Jumper Dress (pg 54)

The Mary Alice Bonnet (pg 55)

Easter Finery (pg 56)

Wattle Collar (pg 62)

Baby Hats (pg 64)

Snips (pg 66)

Shaped Pin Tucks (pg 70)

French Hand Sewing by Machine, Book III (pg 73)

Ask Margaret Boyles (pg 77)

Susan’s Slip and Gown free pattern

Susan's Slip and Gown, sizes 2-14 (Sew Beautiful, Winter 1990)


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