Sew Beautiful, Summer 1989 (volume two, number five)

Construction Boo Boos, by Elizabeth Travis Johnson.  Issues are: finding styles for boys, a gathered collar, a fix for too-long sleeves, and lengthening sleeves.  (pg 22)

Brother/Sister Matching Outfits.  Pictoral of heirloom sewing (pg 25)

Aloha.  Pictoral of casual clothing.  (pg 30)

Bubbles and Jumpsuits.  Pictoral of casual clothing.  (pg 32)

Making Lace Hearts, by Sisan Oliver. (pg 39)

Drawing on Sweaters, by Laura Jenkins Thompson.  Article about duplicate stitch (pg 42)

Summer Afternoon.  Pictoral of casual and heirloom clothing.  (pg 46)

Special Touches by Machine: Embroidered insertions, entredeux, and pin stitching patterns available on the Bernina 1130, the Elna 7000, the Pfaff 1473, and the Viking 1100 (pg 56)

Ralph’s Polo Ponies smocking plate (pg 61)

Ralph's Polo Ponies, by Laura Jenkins Thompson (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1989)

A Little of South Carolina.  Pictoral of casual and heirloom clothing.  (pg 62)

Special Dress of Linen, by Judith Dobson.  Made using Children’s Corner Louise.  (pg 70)

Shadows of Summer Blossoms, by Judith Dobson shadow work design (pg 72)

Shadows of Summer Blossoms, by Judith Dobson (Sew Beautiful, Summer 1989)

A Summer Garden smocking plate (pg 73)

A Summer Garden, by Jody Nayak (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1989)

An American Heart smocking plate (pg 75)

An American Heart, by Jody Nayak (Sew Beautiful, Summer 1989)

Having a Whale of a Good Time applique sundress and romper (pg 76)

Having a Whale of a Good Time, by Barbara Griffin Forman. (Sew Beautiful, Summer 1989)

Ask Margaret Boyles.  Topics are: buttonholes, dresses for toddlers out of silk, and choosing a needle (pg 79)

Round Portrait Collar with Scotch Tape (pg 80)

Suzanne and John’s Bubble free pattern

Suzanne and John's Bubble (Sew Beautiful, Summer 1989)


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  1. leona hawker said

    is it at all possible to get Susan Oliver’s a work of the heart gown pattern?

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