Sew Beautiful, Spring 1989 (volume two, number four)

Construction Boo Boos.  Topics are: crotch extensions for rompers, plackets, collars*, and and wrist measurements for children’s clothes. (pg 22)

Ask Margaret Boyles.  Topic is puffing.  (pg 24)

Tennessee Governor’s Residence.  Pictoral of heirloom clothing. (pg 25)

Noah’s Ark Designs.  Hand painted Noah’s Ark animals. (pg 32)

Jack in the Box smocking plate (pg 33)

Jack in the Box, by Lou Anne Lamar (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1989)

Beribboned.  Pictoral about using ribbon to decorate clothing.  (pg 34)

Dody Baker Designs, by Martha Pullen (pg 38)

Gina’s Bouquet smocking plate (pg 40)

Gina's Bouquet, by Judy DeRosier (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1989)

Susan York’s Dress (pg 42)

Cross Stitch Collars.  Two cross stitch designs (pg 46)

Cross Stitch Collars, by Just Cross Stitch Magazine (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1989)

Children’s Costumes from the Bethnel Green Museum.  Pictoral of antique children’s clothes.  (pg 47)

Bethnel Green Embroidery Designs (pg 53)

Bethnel Green Embroidery Design, by Tina Taylor McEwen (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1989)

Triple Needle Pintuck instructions (pg 56)

Entredeux “Extras.”  Three edging techniques using embroidery floss and entredeux. (pg 58)

Brooke smocking plate (pg 60)

Brooke, by Becky Lambert (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1989)

Gina’s Ribbons and Flowers shadow work design (pg 61)

Gina's Ribbons and Flowers, by Judy DeRosier (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1989)

Hand Painting to Compliment Smocking (pg 62)

Houston in Spring.  Pictoral of heirloom and casual clothing (pg 66)

French Bouquet and Basket shadow work design (pg 74)

French Bouquet and Baskets, by Judith Dobson (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1989)

Bishop Bow and Buttons smocking and shadow work design (pg 75)

Bishop Bow and Buttons, by Judith Dobson (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1989)

Erin’s Spring Bow and Anchors Away shadow work designs (pg 76)

Erin's Spring Bow and Anchors Away, by Diane Zinser (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1989)

Picture Perfect Smocking, by Laura Kenkins Thompson (pg 77)

Adding Length Using a Scalloped Hem, by Mildred Turner (pg 82)

Insertion Lace Lock, by Judith Dobson (pg 84)

The Preteen Classic free pattern

The Preteen Classic (Sew Beautiful, Spring 1989)

*The collars questions come from one Jeannie Baumeiter, who I am assuming is related to the more well-known Jeannie Baumeister.  It’s kind of nice to know that one of the most accomplished hand sewers out there was once a novice in need of advice… gives me hope that someday my stitching will be as amazing as hers.  Probably a totally false hope, but we all need things to live for!


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