Sew Beautiful, January 1989 (volume two number 3)

Tina Taylor McEwen Designs.  Hand-drawn designs for Easter dresses based on antique pictures.  (pg 20)

Susan York’s Dress.  Picture and description.  (pg 26)

Custom nursery for Christopher Allan (pg 30)

Gina Elizabeth smocking plate (pg 32)

Gina Elizabeth, by Judy DeRosier (Sew Beautiful, January 1989)

Judith Dobson Shadow Work Designs for Joanna Pullen (pg 33)

Designs for Joanna Pullen, by Judith Dobson (Sew Beautiful, January 1989)

Viva La Difference.  Pictoral of heirloom clothing. (pg 34)

Ask Margaret Boyles.  Topics are: sergers, backsmocking, joining flat lace. (pg 40)

Lois’ Lambs duplicate stitch design. (pg 42)

A Bevy of Bows cutwork design (pg 43)

A Bevy of Bows, by Laura Jenkins Thompson (Sew Beautiful, January 1989)

First Presbyterian Church.  Pictoral of heirloom clothing. (pg 44)

Quilted Baskets smocking plate (pg 53)

Quilted Baskets, by Jody Nayak (Sew Beautiful, January 1989)

Karey’s Quilts. Pictoral about Karey Bresenhan, president of Quilt Market. (pg 54)

How to draft and cut a collar to fit any pattern, by Patty Smith (pg 60)

Snips: Sweater Savvy.  Adorning sweaters. (pg 64)

Thermal Underwear.  Cute appliques for long underwear. (pg 66)

Battenberg Easter Basket.  A design for a basket using lace. (pg 68)

Judith Dobson’s Tea Dress  Embroidery Design (pg 69)

Judith Dobson's Tea Dress Embroidery Design (Sew Beautiful, January 1989)

Hunter’s Hot Air Balloons smocking plate (pg 70)

Hunter's Hot Air Balloon, by Pat Ferebee (Sew Beautiful, January 1989)

Mildred Turner’s Valentine Dress (pg 71)

Construction Boo Boos.  Topics are: deciding width and placement of pleats, making pleasts stay in place, and smocking a garment with raglan sleeves. (pg 73)

School of Art Fashion (pg 75)

Judith Dobson’s Tea Dress free pattern

Judith Dobson's Tea Dress (Sew Beautiful, January 1989)


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