Sew Beautiful, Summer 1988 (volume one, number five)

Red Rock Desert of Nevada.  Pictoral of heirloom and casual clothes. (pg 20)

Ferguson Family 4th, by Janice Ferguson.  Pictoral of patriotic and summer designs (pg 26)

Margaret Boyles Square Collars.  With instructions for Point de Paris stitch and shadow embroidery. (pg 30)

Shadow Work Embroidery Bow Designs (pg 34)

Shadow Work Embroidery Bow, by Margaret Boyle (Sew Beautiful, Summer 1988)

Alma Lynn’s Teddy on a Rocking Horse cross stitch design (pg 35)

Sun, Sand and Sewing on the Gulf Coast.  Pictoral of summer casual clothes (pg 36)

San Diego Zoo.  Pictoral of casual clothes (pg 40)

I Love America.  Pictoral of patriotic children’s outfits (pg 42)

The Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood  “Bin Dress.”  (pg 47)

Bin Dress (Sew Beautiful, Summer 1988)

How to Tuck Fabric, How to Miter Lace, How to Apply a Lace Overlay (pg 50)

Pin Tucks on the Sewing Machine, by Kathy McMakin. (pg 52)

The Fourth of July Parade applique design (pg 54)

The Fourth of July Parade, by Jami Eidson (Sew Beautiful, Summer 1988)

Interview with Gwen Milner (pg 56)

“Happy Birthday America” girl’s pinafore/sundress (pg 58)

Happy Birthday, America, by Barbara Griffin Forman (Sew Beautiful, Summer 1988)

Easter Cross Stitch Finery is listed on the table of contents for pg 58, but this is a mistake.

Signature Stitching.  Pattern for knitting a scalloped seashell to adorn a sweater (pg 60)

Stenciled Bears smocking plate (pg 61)

Stenciled Bears, by Jody Nayak (Sew Beautiful, Summer, 1988)

A Governor’s Wife Who Loves to Sew.  Interview with Helen Hunt, Alabama’s First Lady (pg 62)

Construction Boo Boos.  Topics are: non-puckering boys sleeves, altering boys patterns, repairing lace when a little girl gets “rambunctious” in her new dress, sewing a collar under the lining or under a bias strip, making collars lie flat, dressing a larger girl, when the front and back crotch of a romper are different widths, and setting red fabrics.  (pg 64)

Mary Kristen smocking plate (pg 66)

Mary Kristen, by Becky Lambert (Sew Beautiful, Summer, 1988)

Summer Bouquets and Bows shadow work design (pg 67)

Summer Bouquets and Bows, by Judith Dobson (Sew Beautiful, Summer 1988)

Margaret Boyles Square Collar Blouse free pattern

Square Collar Blouse, by Margaret Boyles (Sew Beautiful, Summer 1988)


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