Sew Beautiful, Winter 1988 (volume one, number three)

Victorian Valentines pictoral of heirloom sewing (pg 20)

Sweet Valentine shadow work design, by Judith Dobson (pg 26)

Sweet Valentine, by Judith Dobson (Sew Beautiful, Winter 1988)

Spring Daisy smocking plate (pg 27)

Spring Daisy, by Becky Lambert (Sew Beautiful, Winter 1988)

Fabric Manipulation for Adult Clothing, by Jerry Stocks (pg 28)

Color Me California pictorial of heirloom and casual clothing (pg 32)

Interview with Beverly Keane (pg 35)

Romantic Rose Collar and Hem shadow work design, by Esther Smith (pg 38)

Romantic Rose, by Esther Smith. (Sew Beautiful, Winter 1988)

Lavender pictoral of purple dresses (pg 39)

Beautiful Collars, by Laura Jenkins Thompson.  Pictoral of heirloom collars (pg 44)

Jami Eidson Winter Applique Designs.  Applique designs of balloons and airplane carnival ride (pg 47)

Winter Appliqes, by Jamie Eidson (Sew Beautiful, Winter 1988)

Nancy’s Flamingos smocking design (pg 48)

Nancy's Flamingos, by Laura Jenkins Thompson (Sew Beautiful, Winter 1988)

Summer Treasures shadow work design, by Laura Jenkins Thompson (pg 49)

Summer Treasure, by Laura Jenkins Thompson (Sew Beautiful, Winter 1988)

Susan Oliver & A Work of Heart (pg 50)

Wonderful Weddings.  Pictoral of smocked wedding dresses and accessories (pg 54)

Construction Boo Boos, by Elizabeth Travis Johnson.  Topics are: when to cut on the grain v. on the print, lengthening puffed sleeves, marking pleats, and neck bindings (pg 58)

Mildred Turner’s Church Dolls.  Includes patterns for the dolls (pg 60)

Church Dolls (Sew Beautiful, Winter 1988)

Ask Margaret Boyles.  Questions include tea length dresses, bleaching discolored lace, and mail order pleating (pg 62)

Heirloom Baby Quilt, by Margaret Boyles (pg 64)

Heirloom Baby Quilt, by Margaret Boyles (Sew Beautiful, Winter 1988)

Interview with Laura Jenkins Thompson (pg 66)

Grandmother’s Trunk (pg 68)

Construction of Boy’s Button On Suit Pants, by Kathy McMakin (pg 70)

Julie’s Gown Free Pattern

Julie's Gown, by Susan Oliver (Sew Beautiful, Winter 1988)


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